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home-iX UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

home-iX is a german B2B-Startup that enables any industry or business to fully participate in the smart-x markets by a “Smart Living as a Service”-Platform, solving interoperability problems between smart-x ecosystems.

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Lewi Cleantech GmbH

Lewi Cleantech was born from digitalization and the internet of things (IoT) with B2B and B2C customers. Our focus lies on smart energy management and integration of bus systems, both private and industrial.

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PINE64 Inc.

We set out to create a 64-bit single board computer (SBC) – smart, powerful, green, and affordable. By creating the world’s first affordable 64-bit single board computer, we’ve made your dreams to build the next invention possible.

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QAware GmbH

QAware is an independent software manufacturer and consultancy. We analyze, renovate, invent, develop and implement software systems for customers whose success heavily depends on IT.

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VSS Venture Services Seeheim GmbH

VSS was founded in 2014 with the objective to bring the latest developments of institutional research in AAL and capacitive sensors to the markets. Since then we are building solutions for intelligent living environments.

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Musala Soft JSC

Musala Soft is a leading software services company with a strong track record of success in building innovative enterprise software solutions for multinationals and government institutions around the globe. Musala Soft was founded in 2000 inspired by the desire to bring together technology and innovation and help big ideas come true.

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Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung von Dingen mbH

The Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung von Dingen mbH is a Berlin-based company sophisticated in securing, extending and advancing IoT networks. Our goal is to create intelligent solutions for intelligent beings. We support our B2B clients from scratch and take them beyond imagination. By enabling them to use machine learning we improve user experience and optimize their setup. Open Source software and systems are important to us, so we put a lot of effort in community-building and Open Source evangelism.

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