E|Home-Center - Bayerisches Technologiezentrum für privates Wohnen

The E|Home-Center develops and researches technologies for the intelligent, energy-efficient and resource-efficient housing in the private sector.

The interdisciplinary research is carried out in cooperation with other research institutions, private companies and other relevant organizations. At the E|Home-Center, scientists from different disciplines work closely together. Engineers, computer scientists and social scientists develop concepts for securing an efficient energy supply and use as well as for creating a self-determined, age-appropriate and individual living space in the private residential environment. Research is focused on intelligent systems and devices that work autonomously and interoperably, and enable people to use intuitive operation, including using speech or gestures.

Against this backdrop, the E|Home-Center understands its mission in the development, integration and training of innovative solutions in the fields of energy management, comfort and safety as well as infotainment in the domestic environment. In cooperation with our partners, new products, solutions and services are being created.

Work within the E|Home-Center is funded by the Free State of Bavaria and its State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts.