HICS s.r.l.

HICS is a young and active Italian company founded with the specific mission to make it easier for everyone to interact with smart living environments.

Among its main projects, the HICSPERIENCE products line is designed to simplify the interaction and improve the usability of Home and Building Automation systems and of Internet of Things solutions. The core of HICSPERIENCE products family is the revolutionary Wand multifunction touchscreen, a simple unique access to all the smart functions of the environment and advanced home services.

The strong commitment to integrate as many technologies as possible with our interfaces make openHAB a perfect component of our ecosystem. At the same time, Wand product line could be a perfect user interface for all openHAB based systems. Other than an extensive experience in the fields of Home & Building Automation and IoT, the company team has wide competences in user interfaces and user centered design, in product manufacturing, and internet based advanced services.