About the openHAB Foundation e.V.

The openHAB Foundation e.V. is a registered non-profit organisation. Its purpose is to educate the public about the possibilities that Free software offers in the domain of smart homes.

We specifically focus our activities on the openHAB project, but we are also promoting the ideals of Free software in general.

See here for our legal documents (only the German version is legally binding):

Please see our Privacy Policy regarding the use of our website and the mobile reference applications.

Our Board Members

Kai Kreuzer

Kai is the founder of openHAB and thus knows it inside out. He is based in Germany.

Dan Cunningham
Vice President

Dan is a technology wizard and has a broad knowledge around smart home technologies and deep technical insights. He is based in California, US.

Hans-Jörg Merk
Chief Financial Officer

Hans-Jörg is a long-term openHAB supporter and brings his expertise around financial and tax matters to the foundation. He is based in Germany.

Yannick Schaus

Yannick is an openHAB enthusiast and maintainer, and takes care of the foundation's web sites. He is based in France and Luxembourg.

Jerome Luckenbach

Jerome loves openHAB and mainly takes care of the documentation and also helps out with our web sites. He is based in Germany.