Lewi Cleantech GmbH

Lewi Cleantech was born from digitalization and the internet of things (IoT) with B2B and B2C customers.

Our focus lies on smart energy management and integration of bus systems, both private and industrial.

Data collection and preparation in diagrams and charts create transparency to facilitate your decisions. Event management shortens downtimes and remote operation saves time – time you will not have to spend on-site. Smart user interfaces are comfortable and fun to use.

Our most important tools to connect smart island solutions to a consistent integrated system are Eclipse SmartHome and openHAB. Depending on the task, Lewi Cleantech employs these tools as the Swiss Army knife, the glue, or the bridge between the various, sometimes still quite proprietary systems offered by manufacturers.

Thanks to our developer skills, we combine and connect existing old systems and modern new systems. If needed, we program individual interfaces to your existing systems and devices and make them smart.

When planning and implementing, we think in stretches of 20 years – because it is important to us to design solid, long-lasting, and low-maintenance systems according to your individual needs.

Your smart connectors of worlds from Lewi Cleantech.