Musala Soft JSC

Musala Soft is a leading software services company with a strong track record of success in building innovative enterprise software solutions for multinationals and government institutions around the globe. Musala Soft was founded in 2000 inspired by the desire to bring together technology and innovation and help big ideas come true.

Our team of 400 professionals covers wide range of technologies and provides expertise and creativity in all elements of the software life cycle - IT consulting, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, integration and maintenance. Musala Soft offices in Sofia, Ruse, Burgas and Skopje, Macedonia follow the latest design and agile teamwork trends to ensure work environment and processes where achievements flourish.

Musala Soft has proven reputation as a reliable business partner due to the extensive number of successful projects and satisfied clients in the Financial, Telecommunications, ICT, Government and other sectors. Musala Soft clients are challenging, innovative and trendsetting enterprises devoted to stability and growth, daring to pioneer new ideas and build the future.

Musala Soft is a proud winner of multiple national and international honors and recognitions in Talent Development, Science and Innovation, Quality of Software Solutions, Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility.