ConnectorIO® is a service and technology provider focused on openHAB project. We have completed a number of deployments in Europe - Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Poland. Our firm is the largest publisher of third party extensions for the openHAB project. Add-ons which we support integrate a variety of industrial and commercial real estate equipment.

ConnectorIO focuses on safety of software and software integration towards production use. Over the course of years we developed our own cloud connector, which works independently of openHAB cloud as well as an energy monitoring solution suited for resource constrained devices. We provide a failsafe and hassle free upgrade mechanisms thanks to customized software assemblies and an embedded Linux distribution based on Yocto project.

Our open source integrations work with BACnet, CAN bus, CANopen, OPC UA, Wireless M-Bus, M-Bus as well as with PLC equipment manufactured by Beckhoff, Siemens and Fatek using their proprietary protocols.

ConnectorIO is a registered trademark of Code-House, Łukasz Dywicki